Independence Dreams

A rethinking in parenting

Independence Dreams

August 15th is again at our threshold...another Independence day has arrived reminding our great leaders' struggle for freedom from the colonializing power, British. Yes, we always feel patriotic nevertheless our ignorance of the real fight for freedom. The pain, the struggles they went through, the tactics they used to convey the resistance to become their slaves...the bravery they displayed even when they were under the noose of execution or at the gunpoint. They were brave enough to fight and secure our freedom. Its pleasing to remember our great leaders, goosebumps moment. But! Are we free to live our life the way we dreamt to live? No! Isn't that an irony?

We are free from another country but not from many factors that prevail in our country, call it social norms, civilization rules, cultural barriers, caste/creed/religious barricades, family rules, mindsets and what not! Right from our childhood we 'learn' to adjust compromising even a small wish to play whenever we feel to play.

Have you noticed that? Not really! Yes, we are still tied up by many chains invisible but strong enough to let go our dreams. A very small percentage of us survive these so called chains and live their dreams. They might be looked upon as aliens from another planet but we would call them, the successful people! This is indeed an elaborate topic. We would like to focus on a part of it on the eve of Independence Day.

The play dough art in the given picture is made by an 8-year old girl. She displays a talent in art at a tender age. What usually expected is to nurture and support the talent or interest she has. But, would our society do that? The parents, a major percentage, see children as their tool to fulfill dreams they couldn't achieve. They put them in schools and start "educating" them up to class 10. And then? It's time to divert or instill the "dream project" into the wards. Specialized education focusing on a career. The machine is oiled accordingly to push it until they reach their goal. Some parents succeed in seeing their dreams living through their children, others may not. Have you ever asked your child what do you want to become when you grow up? Yes, definitely. But have their answers ever satisfied you, if they say, a dancer, a painter, a cartoonist, an actor, a chef, a tailor, a singer etc? Have you deviated the education accordingly? No! Why?

The fate of our country would have been different if our freedom fighters were stopped by their parents when they decided to fight for the nation and its people? Well, could you imagine what it would have been like living under an invaded power since years and still continuing? Each of our soldiers who are standing at the borders are at their own will. Never a parent will sleep peacefully sending her son or daughter to a warfront. Yet, they let them go. Every child's wish is not as dangerous as a soldier's. Then, why hesitate to let it just happen, support and guide them.

Our social perspective towards education is an age old concept. High time to renovate and build a new pattern to mould tomorrow's citizens of this country with a great heritage and culture. We lost the original base of education and the mindset is too competitive irrespective of one's own capabilities. Parents should think in a broad sense to let the children choose what they want to be. Freedom starts from home. We not only need doctors, engineers, teachers, or the so called white collared professional people. We need good dancers, singers, musicians, artists, agriculturists, farmers, environmentalists and what not... Every child is born with a talent. The duty of every parent is to identify and nurture that beautiful talent. Let it grow as the child grows. Do not draw boundaries to their dreams or talents. Let them flourish in a natural way. Guide them and teach them to be strong "free" individuals that makes our country diverse and rich in human resources.

Lets pledge on this eve of 72nd Independence Day to let our children dream and live their dreams. Let's make India more powerful with a bright and brilliant upcoming generation with wings to fly high!

Play dough art by Krishnendhu, 8 years, student of class 3. A child happier with play dough and colors than with subject books. Good in studies but better in artistic skills. Interested in dough creativity and drawing. Wishes to become an art teacher and teach small children. At present riding along the crowd, soon to deviate into her dreams!