A Diwali gift to Nature

The Festival of Lights...

What first comes to our minds when we think of Diwali? The lights, the brightness that fills our hearts, expressed in dozens of fireworks. The food that fills us with waves of nostalgia. The new clothes, the memories and the mark of a new beginning.

Well that makes sense. Because after all Diwali is supposed to be the festival of lights. Of goodness over evil.

But since when did we start celebrating our special days with chemical happiness? Why do we actually light a firecracker?

Maybe it is for the children, because what meets their eyes in a thousand bright lights never fails to fascinate them. But when they do end up burning their little fingers, our mothers will go over the edge just to say 'I told you so!'.

Maybe it's for the picture perfect moments that light up your social media feeds to impress others with your 'amazing' photography skills, just when everyone else has posted about a million other versions of the same thing.

Maybe it's for the family, that only gets together on such occasions and lighting a cracker together feels like an embrace that strengthens bonds.

Hopefully you've bought enough gifts to keep all of your friends and family satisfied. But have you gotten anything for our planet yet? No we don't mean the smoke, the smog, the dark clouds or the noise that scares it. Other than that, do you have a present for nature?

We have gotten too used to celebrating such festivals with so much explosives and fireworks that we have created an entirely different atmosphere around us. We have forgotten what it feels like to breathe oxygen and not pollutants. So this Diwali, let us go back to what celebration really feels like. Without the smoke, without the crackers, without the chemicals.

Let us light up our towns with laughter, kindness and love. Spend the money you spend on explosives to buy a meal for the homeless. Or maybe on a trip with your friends or family to visit the places you've always wanted to go. Or even donate it to a place where there are children so they can buy new clothes.

Because everyone deserves to be happy on Diwali right?

Is there anything more brighter than the light of compassion?

After all... Diwali is supposed to be the festival of lights. Of goodness, over evil...

diwali 2017