Children.....the future!!!

A better world tomorrow

Happy Children’s Day to all the wonderful kids out there….From Team Nirem

Baby elephants are trained tying a rope to their feet, thereby restricting their movements. As the elephant grows, it forgets that it has become too strong that just by a tug of the rope, it can break free. Feelings, thoughts and even fears instilled in the young minds of children are also like this. Even when they grow, it still remains in their minds….

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. How today’s parents train their children determines the future of the world. Childhood is about innocence and playfulness. It is about joy and freedom. But when we look around today, we can see that today’s children don’t know what is the real meaning of childhood.

Parents, under the pretext of being protective, overdo things. Pampering spoils the kids, which in the long run will make the parents understand that they were not right. The potential of the human mind is infinite. As responsible parents and elders, we should try to make children confident of themselves.

Their career or qualification may help them in future, but it is definitely who they are as a person, which will make them live as a successful individual. If children are not allowed to pursue their small interests, if they are not encouraged for the tiny achievements, if they are not given the confidence that they have support from his parents or elders, they will definitely not have the interest to develop their talents.

Parents should not try to fulfil their unachieved ambitions through their children. Let them be given the freedom to try out new things, new ideas….every child need not be an Engineer or Doctor, he/she can also be an artist or a musician. Doing what makes one happy is always better and more satisfying than doing what makes others happy.

Lets make our children care, both for fellow beings and also the Nature, make them responsible, and also make them sensitive to what happens around them. Try giving them freedom and trust them…they will not let us down.