Festive Season

Let's make a difference

Season's Greetings !!

It's Christmas time. The festive feel lingers in the air. And everyone looks forward to the holidays too.

What is the real purpose behind such celebrations or festivals? It is the time when we rebond with people whom we are close to, our neighbours and friends. Festivals are occasions to meet people, to spend time with elders, and revive relations. That gives the real happiness, and the true spirit of the festival.

But today what is it that we see around us. Every family has become secluded within themselves. There is no coming out to meet others. No family gatherings. People seem to not have time for such reunions. Is everyone really that busy?

Not really. It is only that priorities have changed. People have started becoming self-centered. There is no feeling of attachment within families. Get-togethers are less of emotions, and more of show off.

Let this season ring in change. Let's think beyond ourselves. This is an occasion where we can bring a small change in someone’s life. Let us do something to make another person happy, without expecting anything in return. Even a small gesture might bring lots of joy to that person. Let's change our thinking and do something different.

Once again wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year …