New Year Resolutions

Let us take the right ones

A New Year has begun, with lot of hopes and fresh energy.

Many of us have taken personal New Year Resolutions, and wish we are able to fulfil them. We expect miracles in the coming year. There is lot of enthusiasm in every one’s minds, to do lot of things during the coming days and months.

But is a New Year required for all these ? Why do we need to take resolutions on New Year Eve, only to find out later that nothing has been done. If we really think doing something is essential, we can do it any day, even without a resolution.

In the days to come, let us think beyond ourselves. Resolutions are for one’s personal priorities. Can we not do something for Nature? For Mother Earth? Look around. What do we see? Pollution, diseases, ill health, stress, and the dwindling population of birds, animals, insects, marine life, needless to mention the ever receding Green cover of the Earth.

Under the pretext of development, we are actually creating a concrete jungle around us. Trees are felled for building roads, and infrastructure. But do we ever think of the birds which have their habitat on those very trees? Can they live on these buildings? Humans consider themselves more intelligent than birds, animals and other living beings, but they are the ones who recognise and feel danger much ahead of us.

The alarming levels of pollution, have started causing panic among us. Very soon, we will reach a stage, where even a basic thing like breathing, might become difficult.

Now let’s think…Are these not the reasons why we should take Resolutions? To create a better world? Not only for us, but also for the future generations. Let us stop blaming the Governments and corporates, and become our own saviours. Every small step in this direction counts. Our actions decide our future. What it should be, is our choice. It is all in our minds. If we think we can, we can.

Once again wishing everyone lot of happiness and positive energy in the days to come.