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Independence Dreams

We are free from another country but not from many factors that prevail in our country, call it social norms, civilization rules, cultural barriers, caste/creed/religious barricades, family rules, mindsets and ...

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A Tribute to the Legend of Cosmology

A great scientist known for his contribution to the world of science, especially modern Cosmology. He was an inspiration to many of us alive today...

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New year resolution

In the days to come, let us think beyond ourselves. Resolutions are for one’s personal priorities. Can we not do something for Nature? For Mother Earth? Look around. What do we see? Pollution, diseases, ill health, stress, and the dwindling population of birds, animals, insects, marine life, needless to mention the ever receding Green cover of the Earth.

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Christmas Greetings 2017

This is an occasion where we can bring a small change in someone’s life. Let us do something to make another person happy, without expecting anything in return.

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Children's Day 2017

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. How today’s parents train their children determines the future of the world. Childhood is about innocence and playfulness. It is about joy and freedom. But when we look around today, we can see that today’s children don’t know what is the real meaning of childhood.

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diwali 2017

Hopefully you've bought enough gifts to keep all of your friends and family satisfied. But have you gotten anything for our planet yet? No we don't mean the smoke, the smog, the dark clouds or the noise that scares it. Other than that, do you have a present for nature?

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Wishing everyone a Happy Independence day. As the nation celebrates, we would like you all to think a bit. What exactly is Independence? Freeing our country from other countries rule or dominance? Well, in that sense, India is definitely an Independent country.

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voice of nirem

We believe that every small step in this direction will help us create a better world for the future generation. Nirem aims to create an awareness about our responsibility towards our environment and nature, and also about being socially responsible. We believe that every small step in this direction will help us create a better world for the future generation. We request your support in this initiative.

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